Financial Strategy Group

Terms of Reference

The Vice-Chancellor's Financial Strategy Group (FSG) is responsible for advising the Vice-Chancellor on all matters relating to the University's activities, including operational matters as well as the development of policy and strategy. In particular, it is responsible for providing advice on:

  • Agendas for Council, Senate and other committees, as appropriate
  • The coordination of the implementation of the decisions of Senate and Council
  • The development and implementation of the University's Strategic Plan
  • On responses to Government policy proposals and other consultations
  • Ensuring good communication across the University
  • Ethical matters, including those relating to donations to the University

The Vice-Chancellor's FSG will usually meet weekly or at the call of the Chair.


  • Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Deputy Chair)
  • Pro Vice-Chancellor(s)
  • Director of Finance
  • University Registrar

In attendance:

  • Deputy Director of Finance
  • Director of Communications