Space Management Group

Composition Membership
Pro Vice-Chancellor responsible for Property (Chair) Reggie Blennerhassett
Director of Property & Facilities Management
(Deputy Chair)
Dr Ghazwa Alwani-Starr
Deputy Provosts Professor Pat Corcoran
Professor Claire Ozanne
Assistant Director Building & Projects Alan Green
Deputy Head of  Media Services Cee Hazell
Head of IT User Services Charlie Mackworth
Assistant Registrar Emma Flight
(Acting) Projects & Space Manager Amanda Cook
Specialist Space User Mary Mackenzie
Timetabling Manager Paul Donnelly

Head of Psychology

Dr Diane Bray
Principal Lecturer, Department of Life Sciences Dr Abi Belai
Principal Lecturer, Department of Dance Erica Stanton
President of the Students' Union Wade Tomlinson

Terms of Reference

The Group will:

  1. Meet on a termly basis.
  2. Develop a Space Management Policy and recommend for approval to Senate and Council, including setting appropriate space standards and targets for different functions for estate planning.
  3. Promote ownership of space targets in academic and support Departments
  4. Review the provision of social spaces throughout the University
  5. Encourage innovation in the design, use and management of space
  6. Ensure that appropriate management information in the form of records, survey data and benchmarks is available to the University Financial Strategy Group and other stakeholders
  7. Consider space implications arising from the University's Academic Strategy, Student Experience Strategy and Sports and Wellbeing Strategy
  8. Monitor the compliance of  environmental and sustainability requirements for the University, such as those proposed by the HEFCE SMG group and the London Economics model 
  9. Receive and approve space requests for academic and academic support departments
  10. Receive and approve all furniture requests associated with new and existing space
  11. Receive an annual report prepared by the Property & Facilities Management department including:
    • cost and utilisation of space
    • benchmarking of University Space Usage with an appropriate peer group
    • progress and agreed work plan and overview of the plans for the year ahead
    • communication plan for the work of the Space Management Group
  12. Provide recommendations to the Financial Strategy Group on the spatial options of capital projects, major relocation projects and departmental space requests.
  13. Provide advice and recommendations to the University Financial Strategy Group on potential incentives to encourage the meeting of utilisation, cost and sustainability targets.
  14. Report on space requests for new staff through HR's New Starters and Leavers Report.


The Group will be advisory to the Pro Vice-Chancellor who will consider its advice before taking decisions on those matters within his authority and progressing those that are not within his or her authority through the appropriate channels, such as Senate or the Estates Committee.

The Group will report annually to both Senate and the Estates Committee.

Revised: February 2013