Advice to students finishing their degree

  • ​​​For 3 months after you leave the University, you will continue to have access to your Roehampton email; any free Microsoft Office software you have downloaded via your University O365 account; files saved on your University OneDrive and N (network) drive; Moodle etc.
  • It is important that during this time you continue to log into your Roehampton email at least every 30 days so your account remains activated.
  • Your leaving date is recorded in your Student Record; Registry will enter your leaving date in your Student Record shortly before your results are dispatched.;
  • 3 months after your leaving date an automated process will disable your University of Roehampton network account and this process will render your account unavailable (please note we cannot reverse this process).
  • Your access to CareerLink will expire once your Roehampton email address is closed. To continue using the Alumni version of CareerLink, add your personal email address and switch on ‘Alumni Access’ on your  CareerLink account before your UR email account expires.  Download the app for CareerLink to make this even easier. If you need any help contact

During this time you can continue to access*

  • The Student Portal
  • Your Roehampton email account
  • University One Drive
  • Any free Microsoft Office software you have downloaded via your University O365 account
  • Moodle
  • Your N (network) drive
  • Print, copy and scan network on campus. lease note: any 'personal' credit you have put on your print account and any remaining University credit will be available for you to use during the 3 months.

​*for all these services you will need a working password. ServiceDesk will be able to reset your password for you. Phone 020 8392 6000; email: Please note, during this 3 month period you will not have access to UR Pass (password self-service) so please contact the ServiceDesk if you have any password queries.

Please check:

  1. That the University has your correct contact details. You can update your details online via the Student Portal
  2. Update anyone such as your employer, friends etc.bof your change in email address
  3. Check if you have used your Roehampton email for Amazon (or any other online shopping service) and change it to a personal email address
  4. Make copies of any files saved in your N (network) drive ( only available on campus); University OneDrive or any resources/assignments in Moodle you wish to keep
  5. Use up any credit you have remaining on the print/copy/scan system. We regret but we are unable to refund any credit you have remaining in your printing account

After 3 months your username and password will stop working and you will not have access to any University resources including your Roehampton email.


  • The Alumni and Careers Development Office will use your personal email account for correspondence regarding the graduation ceremony. If you have any queries email: or phone 020 8392 3344.
  • When buying a ticket for the graduation ceremony you will not need your University​ network account to use the Roehampton online store.

Using the Library

The cut off date for being able to borrow books is your course end date as per your Student Record - an indication of this is on your University ID card.

Alumni access?

Because of licensing implications, we cannot currently allow alumni continued access to University IT resources, but this is something we're looking into for the future.