Career prospects

Roehampton's undergraduate and postgraduate courses help graduates expand their career prospects in the full spectrum of dance careers.

Our graduates work across the industry in community dance, dance therapy, teaching, arts management, research, choreography and performance. And because of the strength of our courses, graduates also have wider skills they can apply in many sectors.

Developing dance careers

For undergraduates, our tailor-made dance careers programme is built into the BA Dance Studies course. It helps students:

  • understand the multiple career paths opened up by our balance of theoretical and practical studies
  • meet dance industry professionals and learn from their experiences
  • gain real-world jobseeking skills, eg how to audition, write a CV or prepare for an interview
  • explore the potential of vocational studies in dance therapy, teaching, theatre production and more
  • consider careers based on practical experience in our student-run festival, dance company and classes – such as arts management, marketing, administration, video-making, production and performance

Our postgraduate courses equip graduates to work at the forefront of diverse fields, including community dance, choreography and academic research.

Graduates in the industry

Roehampton Dance graduates work internationally throughout the dance sector. Examples include:

  • choreography and performance: Evangelia Kolyra (MFA Choreography) has shown new work at The Place in London, Nikki Watson (BA Dance Studies) performed in her own production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Amanda Davey works with East London Dance
  • community dance: Amy Howard (combined degree in Drama and Dance Studies, MFA Choreography) leads a dance programme for young people for Harlequins Rugby League Foundation
  • teaching and academic research: Sarah Whatley (PhD) is Professor of Dance and Director of Research at Coventry University’s ICELAB and Shalini Bhalla (MA South Asian Dance Studies) created the UK’s first accredited Bollywood dance-fitness instructor's course

‘Portfolio’ careers that combine multiple strands – such as teaching, performing and arts management – are increasingly an option for today’s dance professionals. Roehampton Dance’s strong mix of practical, academic and vocational dance studies help graduates such as Marina Rove build such a portfolio.

Marina Rova: dance therapist and independent dance artist

For Marina Rova, full-time NHS clinician and independent artist, work brings together the many strands of her Roehampton studies.

Marina came from Athens to London in 2002 to take our BA Dance Studies (Hons). That inspired her to progress to a Postgraduate Diploma then a Masters degree in Dance Movement Psychotherapy.

At Roehampton she was “taught, mentored and supervised by leading academics, practitioners and researchers in the fields of dance and creative arts therapies,” she says.

Roehampton Dance also helped Marina to “find her own voice as a developing artist”. Her work De Mentis: Silent Stories I,II and III toured Liverpool and London 2010–11.