Every year, a committee of third-year BA Dance Studies students at the University of Roehampton curates and runs a six-day festival showcasing the work of students, Third Row Dance Company, and external artists. A wide range of classes and talks are offered during the day, with varied mixed bills in the evenings. The organising committee is mentored by an experienced festival organiser.

Held in May, the festival is open to everyone and celebrates all that dance can be. It launched in 2011 as the Roehampton Dance Festival and is now known as Footprint Dance Festival.


Footprint Dance Festival 2016

9-14 May 2016

Footprint Dance Festival 2015

11-16 May 2015

Footprint Dance Festival 2014

12-17 May 2014

Roehampton Dance Festival 2013

13-18 May 2013

Roehampton Dance Festival 2012

14-18 May 2012

Roehampton Dance Festival 2011

16-21 May 2011