Choreomundus creates career options in teaching, research, and heritage management for student

Dance student Damilare Adeyeri is preparing to use the findings of his Choreomundus course to launch a career in teaching, research and heritage management, after studying the cultural history of dance in four different countries.

Posted: 12 June 2015

image for news story Choreomundus creates career options in teaching, research, and heritage management for student
Choreomundus dance student, Damilare Adeyeri
He is about to complete his two-year European Commission funded course, which enables students to study dance in Norway, France, Hungary and the UK to improve their knowledge and practice.

Damilare, who is originally from Nigeria and lived in the USA before his course, has been part of a select group of students from 14 countries on the Choreomundus programme. Damilare explained he wanted to gain a cross-cultural perspective of dance practices and examine how these traditions have being passed through generations.

He said: “I wanted to merge theory with practice and get a stronger academic foundation to help me develop from a performer to a researcher.  Choreomundus introduces students to theoretical and methodological frameworks and equips us with practical skills to observe, analyse, document, and evaluate dances. I have learnt so much about how different cultures conceptualize dance.  It’s been an eye-opening experience.”

The course goes beyond popular Western theatre dance practices to broaden students’ knowledge of how dance varies across ethnicities. It provides analytical tools for understanding dance and other movement practices. Students develop an appreciation for dance as intangible heritage within a culturally diverse world.

Damilare chose to research the systems of cultural production by diasporic artists in the United States, using (Nigerian) Yorùbá Bàtá as the drum and dance focus.

He said: “It’s perfect to finish off our course at Roehampton, since the University is known as the best for dance research in the UK. It provided us with the necessary rigour to complete our research write-up.  I am confident this course has unleashed more opportunities for me to work in a range of areas such as heritage management, dance teaching and research, and cultural policy development within relevant local, national, and international agencies.”

Choreomundus – International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage is provided by a consortium of four EU universities including Roehampton, where students spend their last semester and submit dissertations.

View a video of Damilare’s work from the course.

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