Dance research seminars launched online

The Centre for Dance Research is delighted to launch a series of online seminars, recorded from their annual programme of research seminars. The first to be made available to the public were given by international guest lecturers Dr Chifang Chao from the Taipei National University of the Arts and Dr Catherine Foley from the University of Limerick.

Posted: 3 June 2014

image for news story Dance research seminars launched online
Dr Catherine Foley (left) and Dr Chifang Chao (right) gave research seminars that are now available online.
A dance anthropologist and an enthochoreologist, respectively, Dr Chao and Dr Foley both spent several weeks of the spring semester in the Department of Dance. Both taught on MA programmes in addition to giving research seminars.

An Associate Professor of Dance, Dr Chao visited the Department as a Choreomundus visiting scholar. Roehampton currently hosts the Choreomundus: International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage in conjunction with three other European universities. Her seminar ‘Culture as Realised in Dance: A Primary Enquiry’ draws on her research into Okinawan dance, an indigenous dance form in Taiwan.

Dr Chao said: “It was so enjoyable to work at Roehampton. For me it was a great chance to understand what the students do here and to organise my material for different contexts. The students were very attentive, curious about my work, and sharp in posing questions.”

Dr Foley directs the MA programmes in ethnochoreology and Irish traditional dance performance at Limerick’s Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. She spent part of her sabbatical in the Department lecturing, writing, and undertaking fieldwork at the Hammersmith Irish Centre. Her seminar ‘Step Dancing in Ireland: Embodiments of Culture and Identity’ draws on her extensive background in Irish traditional dance and music.

Dr Foley said: “It was really enjoyable to work with Roehampton colleagues on a daily basis. We do not usually have the opportunity to work so closely together. It was interesting to understand what they do in a deeper way and to relate it to what I’m doing. It was a rich experience.”

Access to the audio recordings is from the 2013/14 seminars list at
//research/research-centres/centre-for-dance-research/events/. Notes accompanying the audio recordings give links to online video clips used in the presentations so that listeners can view the dancing or dances discussed.

Two further seminars, by Professor Ananya Chatterjea from the University of Minnesota and Dr Carine Plancke from the Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale, Paris, will be launched soon.

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