Dance work by Gaby Agis reconstructed at Roehampton

Four undergraduates and two staff of the Department of Dance will perform this week in a reconstruction of Shouting Out Loud, a dance work from 1984 by choreographer Gaby Agis.

Posted: 21 October 2014

image for news story Dance work by Gaby Agis reconstructed at Roehampton
The 2014 cast of Shouting Out Loud rehearse for performances of the 30-year-old dance work, which was reconstructed at Roehampton. Photographer: Ariadne Mikou.
During a residency at Roehampton this semester, Ms Agis brought the work back to life with the help of first year Natasha Beauchamp and second years Joy Esaya Chiwembu, Jessica Murray, and Megan Williams. They were chosen by audition to be among the 13 women who make up the cast. Also in the work are Katja Nyqvist, a senior lecturer, and Amaara Raheem, Roehampton Dance Network Coordinator, both of whom are practising dance artists.

A noted choreographer, dancer, and teacher for over 30 years, Ms Agis also led workshops for undergraduate students during her time at Roehampton. She said: ‘I have been very excited by the students in the workshops and those performing in the dance. They all have been open to working with the material. I have been very impressed with their focus and their engagement with my work.’

Made in response to the social and political unrest of the mid-1980s, Shouting Out Loud explored how simple movements – walking, running, standing, lying down, rolling – could resonate, which was radical at the time. For the reconstruction, Ms Agis drew on her choreographic notebooks and the memories of the original dancers, three of whom are in the 2014 cast. The intergenerational nature of the 2014 piece is a change from the original, although the emphasis on women working collectively remains.

Ms Nyqvist said: ‘It's been wonderful to take part in the process of reconstructing Shouting Out Loud. I've enjoyed dancing with such a diverse and intergenerational group of women and exploring how we come together through movement.’

The title is taken from a song by the iconic feminist punk band The Raincoats. Ana da Silva of The Raincoats composed the soundtrack for the dance and has transferred it to a digital format for the performances. She and Ms Agis gave a research seminar on campus on 16 October in which they talked about the reconstruction process and the intentions behind the original work. Ms Agis received a grant from Arts Council England for the project.

Watch the trailer of the reconstruction.

For the Roehampton performance on 22 October, Shouting Out Loud will be presented with two new works by alumni choreographers Olivia Lockwood and Drew Potter. The performance starts at 6pm in the Michaelis Dance Theatre. Tickets are £5 and £3. Click here to book.

Two further performances of Shouting Out Loud only will be at Chisenhale Dance Space on 24 October: www.chisenhaledancespace.co.uk.

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