Dance Work by Roehampton’s Dr Simon Ellis has UK Premiere

Dr Simon Ellis, choreographer and Reader in Dance, brings his dance project Pause. Listen. to London next week.

Posted: 15 September 2014

image for news story Dance Work by Roehampton’s Dr Simon Ellis has UK Premiere
Chisato Ohno in Pause.Listen., choreographed by Dr Simon Ellis.
A collaboration with dancer Chisato Ohno and lighting designer Jackie Shemesh, Pause.Listen. is an unusual project because the work is created afresh each time the collaborators meet in a residency. Dr Ellis said, “It is an iterative work. At each residency, it changes and is adapted to the space. It does not have a core, or a fixed entity that can be called “the work”. Rather, it is remade so that each performance has a different history.”

The project is called Pause.Listen. because the collaborators are ‘interested in those spaces that seem to mark some kind of threshold between our lives outside and our (brief) encounters away from that outside. Often, small video rooms in art galleries have this very strong effect, almost as if they are a space within a space away from the outside,’ Dr Ellis said. The work gives the audience a chance to pause in a quiet space, away from their busy lives, and to re-tune their senses.

The project began two years ago with a residency at Roehampton, followed by another at The Place, a key venue for dance in London. The first public performance took place in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, in October 2013.

Now the project is back in the UK for five performances at The Place from 17-20 September 2014. The return to this venue marks the second public showing, as well as the UK premiere.

Dr Ellis has negotiated with The Place to give dance-goers two tickets for the price of one, with the request that they offer the second ticket to someone who has never seen a dance performance. Dr Ellis is interested in how the regular dance viewer’s experience will be affected by having a fresh pair of eyes sitting next to them.

Performances are at 8pm on 17-20 September, with an additional 6pm performance on the Saturday, at the Founders’ Studio, The Place, 17 Duke’s Road, London WC1H 9PY. Tickets and more information: http://www.theplace.org.uk/simon-ellis-chisato-ohno-and-jackie-shemesh and http://www.skellis.net/#/projects/pauselisten.

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