Department of Dance students update annual festival with new theme

  • Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Led by a committee of third-year dance students, the annual Footprint Festival has recently been re-named to the This is Dance Festival. It will bring together the University and local community in a five day celebration.

In its seventh year, the festival is open to the public and has workshops and performances offered by a range of artists, including Roehampton students. This year, in addition to updating the festival name, the student committee have created a short film to promote the event exploring the theme ‘what does dance mean to me?‘ See the video here.  

This annual festival enables students to gain invaluable experience for launching their careers. They are responsible for managing all aspects from liaising with external performers, managing budgets, promoting the event and ticket sales. The third year students take on roles such as Co-Artistic Director, Communications Officer and Treasurer.

The festival is being held at the University of Roehampton from the 15th to the 20th of May. To find out more and see a full timetable for the event, please click here.

The Department of Dance offers outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate degrees as well as exemplary PhD supervision. The immersive, supportive dance culture enables students to learn about dance beyond performance, whilst developing their own identity as a thinking dancer in preparation to launch and expand their careers.