Department of Dance welcomes Dr Judith Lynne Hanna as Choreomundus Scholar

The Department of Dance welcomes a Choreomundus scholar to their team, Dr Judith Lynne Hanna. She will be working with Choreoemundus students as well as lecturing on several BA and MA modules at the University. 

Posted: 15 February 2016

Dr Judith Lynne Hanna has had a renowned and distinguished career within the field of dance anthropology. She is a writer, educator and dance critic that has explored the relationship between dance and societies internationally from African villages to American cities. Dr Hanna has written nine books and published over 300 articles in scholarly journals.

Dr Ann David, Head of the Department of Dance said: “It is a great bonus for the students to meet in person someone whose work they have read and studied. Dr Hanna brings some rich resources to the department and we are very pleased to have her with us”.

Dr Judith Lynne Hanna said regarding her philosophy on dance: “To understand humans, Charles Darwin recognised it is first necessary to understand how they gather and transmit knowledge in ways similar to and different from their animal forebears. The more we know about dance — its presence, absence and its resurgence in individual and group life — the more we will know about ourselves: to dance is human.”

There will be a public lecture given by Dr Hanna at the University of Roehampton which will discuss the relationship between the brain and movement in dance and the expression of ideas and emotions. To find out more about how to attend visit the Centre for Dance Research Events.

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