Head of Dance to speak at the world’s longest established anthropological institute

Dr Ann David, Head of the Department of Dance has been invited to speak at the Royal Anthropological Institute, one of the world’s most esteemed scholarly associations dedicated to furthering anthropology.

Posted: 14 March 2016

image for news story Head of Dance to speak at the world’s longest established anthropological institute
Dr Ann David
Speaking about the concept of embodied practice in dance anthropology, Dr David will provide a fresh new perspective on listening to the ‘voice of the body’ through engaging with dance. Drawing on her diverse field work in the UK that looks at Indian classical, folk dance and Bollywood film dance, she will argue for the importance for an anthropologist to experience the dance culture by going in the field.

Dr Ann David said "Whilst Radcliffe-Brown, Malinowski, Mead and other early eminent anthropologists noted the importance of dance in the field, it is only later with anthropologists working in the arts (music, dance, film) such as Blacking, Williams, Grau, Farnell and Hughes-Freeland amongst others, that the importance of the ethnographer’s participation was acknowledged. My research challenges the more traditional forms of perception of the anthropology of dance."

The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland is a non-profit registered charity and has a distinguished tradition of scholarship going back over which is more than 150 years.

To book tickets for the event on the 23rd of March click here.

The Department of Dance is rated number one for dance research in the UK (REF2014). It also offers an MA in Dance Anthropology, taught by world-leading anthropologists. This programme investigates the place of dance in society.

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