Professor Brenda Dixon to talk about her new book "Joan Myers Brown & The Audacious Hope of the Black Ballerina: A Biohistory of American Performance"

Professor Brenda Dixon-Gottschild talks about her latest book at a Centre for Dance Seminar in the Convent Parlour 

Posted: 10 May 2012

Professor Brenda Dixon- Gottschild "Joan Myers Brown & The Audacious Hope of the Black Ballerina: A Biohistory of American Performance"  10 May 6.00 pm in the Digby Stuart Convent Parlour

Brenda Dixon Gottschild, also author of Digging the Africanist Presence in American Performance, Waltzing in the Dark, and The Black Dancing Body, is professor emerita of Dance Studies at Temple University and a former senior consultant and writer for Dance Magazine. She lectures nationally and internationally, using her own dancing/thinking body to illustrate her ideas and blur the division between practice and theory.

This seminar will be about her latest book about Myers Brown. Founder of the Philadelphia Dance Company (PHILADANCO) and the Philadelphia School of Dance Arts, Joan Myers Brown's personal and professional history reflects the hardships and the accomplishments of African Americans in the artistic and social developments through the 20th-C. and into the new millennium. Dixon Gottschild uses Brown’s career to leverage an exploration of the connection between performance, society, and race, exploring a concert dance tradition that has had no voice to tell its story. Brown’s background and richly contoured biography are object lessons in survival—a true American narrative. 

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