Roehampton Alumna to perform her dance solo in The Place’s Resolution Festival

Roehampton dance alumna and London-based choreographer, Hanna Wroblewski will be performing her own dance solo as part of the Place's Resolution Festival in February.

Posted: 24 January 2017

image for news story Roehampton Alumna to perform her dance solo in The Place’s Resolution Festival
photograph by Urban Decay Visuals

Her choreographic work, called Darling, I don't sell dreams... is a solo project exploring how movement and space can manipulate sound and originates from her fascination of the public and private persona of the silver screen sirens such as the German actress, Marlene Dietrich. After receiving her Master's in Fine Arts in Choreography from the University of Roehampton in 2012, Hanna was in a residency programme at Clarence Mews Space in Hackney where she explored her choreographic ideas further finding a voice and character for her work.

Hanna Wroblewski said "Even though there is a theme in my performance, I like to keep my choreographic piece open to other's interpretation. I love this aspect of creating and performing, where a conversation is started by my movement and how the audience interprets their own meaning from the performance."

To support her in her solo work, Hanna Wroblewski explains "It was Erica Stanton who nudged me into this exciting new direction in my first year of study on the Master's degree. Also, the guidance and mentoring from Lalitaraja throughout my second year and even now has really inspired me in working on my solo performances."

She will be performing her solo as part of Resolution, the Place's annual new year festival for emerging artists which is held at the Robin Howard Dance Theatre. To book tickets and see the performance on the 2nd of February, click here. To keep up to date with Hanna Wroblewski's work, visit her website.

Her advice to students in pursuing their dance degree and career is "Make the most out of your time in university and their resources. It is such a beautiful time to have regular dance practice. Learn as much as you can from everyone around you, but don't ever forget that you and your ideas are valuable and unique."

The Department of Dance is rated number one for dance research in the UK (REF 2014). The Department offers outstanding postgraduate dance degrees that enable students to study either anthropology, chorography, history, philosophy, politics, or sociology. The immersive, supportive dance culture enables students to launch and expand their careers as well as benefit from established dance partnerships.


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