Roehampton students’ performance revealed as Big Dance Pledge was launched

Dance students from Roehampton played a key role in the creation of the high profile Big Dance Pledge which was launched this month online by celebrated choreographer Akram Khan. 

Posted: 29 January 2016

More than 50 students worked with Mr Khan to design and perform the dance which has been filmed and is now being promoted around the world, after he was commissioned by Mayor of London Boris Johnson and People Dancing.

The pledge is a free opportunity for any dance community to download and learn as a part of a series of performances across the world connecting thousands of dancers on 20 May 2016.

Mr Khan, who holds an honorary degree from Roehampton is leading the 10th Big Dance – the UK’s biggest celebration of dancing, which is organised by People Dancing and the Mayor of London. The dance piece is based on ‘overcoming adversity’ and ‘achievement’ Mr Khan worked the Roehampton students to conceptualise, choreograph and bring it to life over the last two months.

Dr Ann David, Head of the Department of Dance, said: “Akram Khan is one of the most renowned choreographers of his generation, so we were pleased to give our students the chance to work with him and experience the process an expert goes through in creating a high profile performance.

“Being able to work alongside dance professionals to study their methods and processes and to understand how they think and have become successful is one of the reasons our students are so successful in their degrees and subsequent careers.”

Roehampton places emphasis on educating students to work professionally in a number of arts-related roles after graduation as well as including high quality practical dance training within its curriculum.

Find out how to take part in the Big Dance Pledge 2016.

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