University of Roehampton awarded grant to host event for inaugural Humanities Festival

The University of Roehampton will host an event as part of the Being Human festival (15-23 November), the UK’s first national festival of the humanities. The event is made possible by a grant from the festival organisers, the School of Advanced Study, University of London and is supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the British Academy.

Posted: 14 May 2014

image for news story University of Roehampton awarded grant to host event for inaugural Humanities Festival

Roehampton’s event, Memory Banq-uet, will be part of a national programme of activities which aim to inform, extend and ignite contemporary thinking and imagination around the humanities.

Selected from over 100 applications, the grant will help the university bring together researchers and the local community to engage with food and memory. Encompassing the sacramental and symbolic, familial, literary, neurophysiological, the ‘banq-uet’ will also bring together interdisciplinary scholarship on the roles of food and food texts in historic and contemporary practice.

The project will be led by Dr Sara Pennell, senior lecturer in History from the Department of Humanities and will involve other academic departments; Drama, Theatre and Performance; English and Creative Writing; Media Culture and Languages; Life Sciences and Psychology - as well as other university initiatives such as Growhampton.

Sara Pennell said: “Memory Banq-uet will showcase Roehampton’s expertise in food studies, from food in literature and food as performance, to nutrition and the psychology of appetite, as well as connect with our developing reputation for interdisciplinary work around memory. We are delighted to be sharing our enthusiasm for food as part of the Being Human festival.”

The Memory Banq-uet will take place at the university on Saturday 15th November 2014. More details will follow soon.

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