Roehampton Reader joins panel at Brooklyn theatre

  • Wednesday, February 26, 2020

P. A. Skantze, Reader in Performance Practices participated in a post-show discussion on Timon of Athens at the Theatre for a New Audience in Brooklyn.

Image - Roehampton Reader joins panel at Brooklyn theatre

The post-show discussion took place after the matinee performance of Timon of Athens, where Skantze was joined by Ayanna Thompson, director of the Arizona Centre for Medieval & Renaissance Studies, and Kathryn Hunter the actress playing Timon. 

The Shakespeare play was written around 1605–1606 on the themes of wealth, greed and betrayal. This production of Timon of Athens directed by Simon Godwin was first premiered at the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2017. In the new production with an American company, the character of Timon is regendered as female. Timon of Athens tells the story of Timon who lives in a world of opulence. When she loses her wealth and her friends abandon her, Timon takes to the forest plotting revenge against the city she loves. 

P. A. Skantze said “We talked about the reversal of rich to poor that is at the center of Timon of Athens and how apt it is for the world we live in.  What kind of world might we have if we took care of everyone?”.  

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