Trinity College London partners Sounds of Intent to launch the UK’s first ever fully inclusive music qualifications

  • Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Adam Ockelford.jpg

Musical learners with learning difficulties can now gain formal music qualifications thanks to Trinity College London’s new partnership with Prof Adam Ockelford’s Sounds of Intent teaching framework. The ground-breaking, fully regulated qualifications are open to all learners, enabling them to have even the smallest steps in musical progression formally recognised. They range from Entry Level 1 through to Level 3, with Level 3 carrying UCAS points. Full details can be viewed on the TCL website.

Sounds of Intent investigates and promotes the musical development of children, young people, and adults with learning difficulties. It's designed to recognise how everyone engages with music, from children in the early years to older people with dementia, from those with profound learning difficulties who are still learning to process sound, to others on the autism spectrum who are regarded as advanced musicians.

Adam Ockelford is excited about the new venture: “I'm thrilled about the new initiative by Trinity College London, which will mean that, for the first time, all children and young people, no matter what their abilities or needs, will be able to have their musical achievements formally recognised.”

Visit the Sounds of Intent website here and Roehampton's postgraduate certificate Music and Children with Special Needs course page here.