External engagement

Our partnerships with professional, educational, and community organisations illustrate our commitment to ensuring research is socially engaged and available to a wide range of users, directly benefitting education professionals and the young people with whom they work. Our commitment to collaboration, networks, and joint research projects is visible across the multiple partnerships and working relationships that underpin our research. It is also via this strategic focus on working collaboratively with academic, professional, public, and institutional partners that our research contributes to the wider economic and social good, promoting the goal of a just and sustainable society through educational development.

Angela Colvert has been involved in the development of award-winning educational games, including the Bafta-nominated 'Teach your Monster to Read'. Her research has led to contract research opportunities and consultancy projects with a range of charities, arts organisations and industry partners including Coney, KIT Theatre, Punchdrunk and the Usborne Foundation. She has recently been invited to join the Digital Futures Commission to support them in developing guidance for innovators, as well as regulatory and design recommendations, relating to ‘Play in a Digital World’. Commissioners include policy makers as well as industry partners such as the BBC, Lego and Sesame Street. She is also working with the UK Literacy Association as part of the Task Group to develop a new Digital Literacies Framework.

Adam Ockelford’s research finds practical expression in services set up to support children and young people through SEND charities he has helped establish, for example, The Amber Trust, for whom he is now a Trustee. The organisation is the only national charity dedicated to assisting visually impaired children with their musical development and education. A Trustee for Live Music Now, a national charity which recruits and trains professional musicians he supports the delivery of inclusive performances, workshops and residencies in SEN settings, hospitals and care homes. He is the Chair of Trustees for Soundabout, who help children and young people with disabilities communicate through music making and is also a Patron of Music House for Children, and the Honorary Vice-President for Decibels, charities which support children through music education.

Susana Castro-Kemp’s research focuses on the health and wellbeing of young children with special educational needs and disabilities. She is a director of a social enterprise ‘Action-Attainment’, which aims to promote the participation and employability of young people with sensory processing difficulties and has participated in meeting of the Functioning and Disability Reference Group of the World Health Organisation.