Fincham Press takes latest anthology onto the streets

Fincham Press celebrates its third anthology of student work by leaving free copies across London.

Posted: 28 March 2017

image for news story Fincham Press takes latest anthology onto the streets
Purple Lights

Fincham Press is celebrating the release of its third anthology of student work by leaving copies of its new book, Purple Lights, on Underground carriages and other public spaces all over London. The action, planned for April 1, aims to present Fincham Press to a wider public.

There is a further twist; within the covers of this particular batch, there is a single production error – a fitting challenge for April Fool's Day. The first person to correctly identify the glitch and contact the publishers will win a prize. They can choose between an editorial consultation on their manuscript (max 5,000 words) or a complete set of Fincham Press' back catalogue. Anyone who discovers a copy of the book will be encouraged to share the location on social media.

The Purple Lights anthology is an eclectic selection of short stories, novel excerpts, narrative non-fiction, poetry and screenplays written by students and alumni of the University of Roehampton. It is edited by the novelist and short story writer Leone Ross, a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at the university.

Ross said 'there's something really satisfying about the idea of potential new readers finding an unexpected present – and it's a fun way to make sure 45 new writers get out there into the world. Watch out for your purple freebie, and the secret inside.'

Fincham Press, based at the university's Department of English and Creative Writing, has launched three book titles since it was set up in 2013. It aims to explore innovative approaches to publishing and offer a new way to serve students, past and present. Besides the current anthology series, the Press plans to publish other selected titles showcasing creative and scholarly work. It will soon launch two new academic journals – RoundTable, run by research students within the department, and The International Journal of James Bond Studies, the first scholarly journal in this field.

Purple Lights is available to buy on Amazon and the Roehampton E-Store, along with the two other anthologies, Screams and Silences and The Trouble with Parallel Universes.

Further details can be found on the press's website, on its Facebook page and via @finchampress.

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