'Navigating London with Will Self' film launched

The University of Roehampton's multi-disciplinary research group, The Memory Network,  has launched a film about its recent project with Will Self.

Posted: 28 June 2013

The Memory Network, led by the University of Roehampton's English and Creative Writing Department, has launched a film of its recent project, ‘The Ways of London: Navigating London with Will Self’.
The project is part of a wider research project undertaken by neuroscientist Dr Hugo Spiers from University College London to explore how the brain plans and navigates routes. Spiers and author Will Self share an interest in the way that London cabbies learn the Knowledge and how the hippocampus expands continuously throughout a taxi driver’s career. Spiers, a core member of The Memory Network, invited Self to take part in his experiment in order to explore how he used his brain to navigate his way around London. 

Memory Network video Will Self screengrab

The Memory Network brings together scientists, arts and humanities scholars, and writers and artists to think critically and creatively about memory in the twenty-first century. The Memory Network has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Network since its inception in September 2012.

The Memory Network is holding a number of events at the Cheltenham Literary Festival in October. The events will cover topics ranging from new media and memory, ecologies of memory, and memory and the senses. The Network is also running an event in partnership with the AHRC Hearing Voice project at the Durham Literature Festival.

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