Get practical advice on managing your money from the University's Money Doctors with leaflets, audio files, workshops or a personal appointment.

  • Find Money Doctors in the Student Information Centre
  • Check out our Budget Planner
  • Download a Spending Diary
  • Get on track with our Forward Planning checklist
  • Read The Crunch


  • Budgeting: Budgeting skills; maximising income, minimising spending.
  • Priority and non-priority debts: The real implications of your bills.
  • Living independently: What's the real cost of moving out of halls? Jargon-busting in the private rental system.
  • Income Tax: The system and how it works; forms and documentation; dealing with the tax office; rebates; National Insurance contributions.
  • Postgraduate finance: Career development loans; charities; working opportunities; changes to graduate banking.

You can get information leaflets and attend workshops on all these topics: Contact us for more information (see below).


The sooner debt problems are dealt with the less likely they are going to result in a crisis. The Money Doctors service aims to help you deal with your finances so you are in control of them and they are not in control of you.

Budget, budget, budget: it’s the only way. Be realistic: don't say you spend £20 on your social life if you really spend £100.

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