For every £ we receive this is how we spent it in 2015-16


How we spend

Did you know?

  • The largest portion of our outgoings are spent on running our academic departments: 42p in £1

This includes teaching costs, course materials and academic staff development. This enables Roehampton to focus on maintaining and improving an excellent educational and working environment for both students and staff.

Our courses offer fantastic opportunities for all of our students, including the chance to study abroad, flexible learning, language courses and world-class research facilities.

Did you know?

  • Tuition fees are not just funding your course – the university experience is about more than just studies and contact hours. Tuition fees are vital for ensuring the University of Roehampton is at its very best in enabling students to fully immerse themselves in the finest university experience possible.
  • In addition to the annual spend, the University is nearing completion of a £84M investment that is transforming the University campus and has already led to the creation of 600 new student bedrooms. There is also a new state of the art Library, which will provide more student study spaces, due for completion by September 2017. We have funded these essential projects to provide excellent, high-quality living environments and enhance the quality of life for our students and staff.
  • We are investing annually £1M in our teaching facilities, lecture rooms and learning resources. This is designed to ensure that our students get the best learning experience possible.
  • These on-going works are an illustration of where the money we receive goes: investing in our facilities which help to improve resources available to students.

Where does our money come from?

Tuition fees are not the only source of income that the University receives. Government funding, income from halls, catering, business partnerships and research grants also contribute to our overall income.

All of these funds enable us to continue to provide an outstanding environment for our students and staff.

Where our money comes from 2015-16