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Fincham Press made its first public appearance in April 2013, at the London Book Fair, discussing the new wave of innovation in publishing now taking place in British universities. With the first title, an anthology of student writing (March 2014), we are now working to put those ideas into practice.

The aim is to add innovation in form and process to the experiments in content that already occupy so much of our teaching life. It also offers a new way for us to serve our students, past and present, in the Department of English and Creative Writing.

The first two titles are student anthologies; other strands on the publishing list will focus on other things such as pedagogy, essays, creative and scholarly work.

Screams and Silences

Beside a lake, a boy draws the horoscope charts that determine his fate. In Hammersmith, paths cross - and then cross again - as immigrants navigate London. Somewhere in rural England, brother and sister share murderous secrets. Fathers go bad and mothers come clean; would-be lovers dream; biobots and cyborgs probe the limits between terror and beauty.

The poems, short stories and stage play that make up Screams and Silences are as diverse as they are vivid, by turns confrontational and contemplative. This second anthology of new student writing from the University of Roehampton offers a chance to listen to the screams in the silence, and the silence in the screams.

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