Project Partners

There are three partner organisations for this project:

Churches Together
Churches Together in South London
The task of Churches Together in South London is to make connections between denominations and local churches across the area and to promote mission, unity and compassion in Christ's name.

Southwark for Jesus
Southwark for Jesus
Southwark for Jesus is a forum for Churches in Southwark. It is run by and for pastors, project leaders and church members from across the London Borough of Southwark who identify closely with one another in order to transform Southwark through unity in prayer and action.

Southwark for Jesus
University of Roehampton
Roehampton is one of the newest universities in the UK, having been established in 2004. At the same time, through our four Colleges which have come together to found the University, we have a proud and distinguished history dating back to the 1840s.

There is also a reference panel that meets regularly throughout the project to monitor progress. They are:

  • John Richardson (Churches Together in South London),
  • Phil Stokes (Southwark for Jesus),
  • Israel Olofinjana (Catford Community Church),
  • Ijeoma Ajibade (African Health Policy Network),
  • Michael Cleere (Southwark council),
  • Professor Leslie Francis (University of Warwick).