Our research challenges exclusions from the canon and drives inclusion across literary periods and themes. We use our research to work with external partners and we aim to support marginalised communities’ access to cultural resources.

Arts and cultural organisations

Prof. Clare McManus and Dr. Andy Kesson have uncovered new findings in the histories of cis female, transgender, queer, disabled performers and performers of colour in early modern English drama. Between them, they have explored these findings with major organisations like Shakespeare’s Globe, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Ontario, The National Archives, and Museum of London Archaeology. See more at: Before Shakespeare and Engendering the stage.


Creative practitioners and artists

Our poets and prose writers collaborate with other artists working across biography, poetry, librettos, music composition, fiction and innovative experimental modes to influence cultural life in the United Kingdom and abroad. Through these partnerships, we expand audiences for creative writing and enrich cultural life for artistic practitioners and their audiences. For example, David Harsent has written librettos for composers Harrison Birtwhistle and Sally Beamish.

Libraries in the United Kingdom

Shelley Trower has collaborated with library professionals and libraries across England to provide oral histories materials to enable these professionals and library and information organisations to advocate for the benefits they bring to their users and communities. These materials include a policy pack which maps a potential future for libraries and audio materials for library professionals to use in the advocacy against austerity and cuts.

Living Libraries