Research projects

Prof. Clare McManus’s Leverhulme Trust-funded project, ‘Engendering the Stage: The Records of Early Modern Performance’ reconsiders the evidence base for early modern performance, focusing on the activities of women, children and gender nonconforming performers. It is supported by a Leverhulme Research Project Grant (2020-2022). This project is part of the bigger Engendering the Stage project: this international collaboration with colleagues at McMaster University, Canada uses Practice as Research to explore this diverse theatre history through performance.  

Andy Kesson’s project ‘Box Office Bears (BOB): Animal baiting in early modern Englandexplores the lives of the animals and people involved in this violent, cruel but also widespread and very popular ‘sport’. It is supported by an AHRC Research Grant award. 

Shelly Trower’s AHRC-funded projects ‘Memories of Fiction’ and ‘Living Libraries’ use oral history to examine memories of reading and experiences of libraries across England.

Mary Shannon’s current book project focuses on Billy Waters, a famous African-American busker in 19th-century London in order to reconceptualise Black presence in 19th-century Britain and to re-evaluate a broad range of literary culture from Dickens to Thackeray. This project is supported by a Leverhulme Research Fellowship. 

Ian Haywood is lead researcher for the Romantic Illustration Networkwhich restores to view the importance of book illustration and visual culture in the Romantic period and across the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

Our in-house publisher Fincham Press hosts two international journals, The International Journal of James Bond Studies and The International Journal of Young Adult Literature .