Impact is central to our research, and we seek, whenever possible, to generate deep and meaningful collaborations with heritage, educational and professional organisations, among others. This ensures that our research serves to shape the practice, experience and perceptions of a wide range of different stakeholders.

Heritage organisations

We regularly contribute to exhibitions and events at both mainstream and fringe heritage organisations. These include historic houses, museums and archives in England and beyond. In this way our cutting-edge research helps to shape their approach to historical interpretation. For example, Michael Cullinane’s research into the shifting legacy of Theodore Roosevelt has led to collaborations at four U.S. National Park Service sites related to the former president (Theodore Roosevelt Island, Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site). His research has reached approximately 900,000 guests who visit the sites annually.

The Man on the Island


Surgeons and surgical practice

Michael Brown’s ‘Surgery & Emotion’ project was designed from the outset to impact both the practice and the perception of surgeons. He has used his historical research into the role of emotions in early nineteenth-century surgery to challenge damaging stereotypes about the surgical profession and to advocate for better wellbeing support and training for modern-day surgeons. During the lifetime of the project, he and his team organised a number of fully-accredited professional workshops for surgeons and other medical practitioners, facilitating discussion of a range of themes relating to the place of emotion in clinical practice. This work has contributed to professional policy in the form of the Royal College of Surgeon’s ‘Future of Surgery’ report (2018). Using additional funds secured through a Wellcome Trust ‘research enrichment’ award, he and his team also ran a series of public engagement events, including several ‘Surgical Speed-Meets’ which brought together surgeons and members of the public discuss the emotional trials and tribulations of being a practitioner and a patient.

Historical pedagogy

Ted Vallance’s work on English radicalism and early modern revolutions has led to a series of sustained partnerships with schools and teaching organisations, including the Prince’s Teaching Institute, the Historical Association and the HEA, where his research has influenced the pedagogy of historical enquiry. Andrew Wareham, who leads the British Academy Hearth Tax Project, has likewise used the Hearth Tax Records to engage school children with historical documents and introduce them to methods of historical research at a young age.