Faith and learning debated at Roehampton

The University of Roehampton’s Whitelands College held an event to discuss religious literacy in the modern world and its impact on education [26 Feb].

Posted: 5 March 2014

image for news story Faith and learning debated at Roehampton
 L- R: Rt Rev Richard Cheetham, Bishop of Kingston, Prof Tina Beattie, Mark Garner (Head of Whitelands College), Jackie Brown (Head of Digby College), Christopher Stephens (Head of Soutlands College)

Attendees heard from Rt Rev Richard Cheetham, Bishop of Kingston who spoke about his own educational experience. He explained the mottos from the institutions where he studied before asking attendees to consider what their shield and motto would be.

The event also included a talk from Prof Tina Beattie, Department of Humanities and break out discussion groups. Topics covered included the relationship between faith and learning and if there was a place for church colleges in a 21st century university.

Head of Whitelands College, Rev Dr Mark Garner said: “This was our inaugural event so I was delighted to welcome the Bishop of Kingston, students from local schools and from within the University.

“During discussions there was a rich mix of opinions as there are basic values that can be seen in both faith and higher education.”

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