Making history. Earth as a common treasury and the legacy of the Diggers

Dr Ted Vallance, Reader in Early Modern History in the Department of Humanities, will take part in a discussion about the legacy of the Diggers, a seventeenth-century radical group, on BBC Radio 4's Making History at 3pm tomorrow (14 January).

Posted: 13 January 2014

image for news story Making history. Earth as a common treasury and the legacy of the Diggers
As part of the discussion, Dr Vallance visited the 'Diggers 2012' group's encampment near Runnymede Meadow in Surrey. With Dr. Briony McDonagh of the University of Hull and members of the Runnymede 'Eco-Village' Dr. Vallance will debate the relevance of the seventeenth-century Diggers' idea of the Earth as a 'common treasury' for modern land-use campaigns.

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