Roehampton English Revolution Expert sets record straight with BBC’s Lucy Worsley

Ted Vallance, Professor of History at the University of Roehampton, features on the second episode of BBC 4’s new history documentary series, ‘British History’s Biggest Fibs with Lucy Worsley’, explaining why the so-called fibs about historical events persist and how they have shaped our national story. 

Posted: 3 February 2017

image for news story Roehampton English Revolution Expert sets record straight with BBC’s Lucy Worsley
Professor Ted Vallance

The BBC 4 series seeks to unravel historical facts from the fiction and the second episode explores the overthrow of King James II and the ascension of King William of Orange to the throne in 1688, often referred to as the 'Glorious Revolution'.

According to Professor Vallance, the bloodless and glorious version of history persisted because it fitted Britain's image as a world power at the peak of civilisation, which befitted all the political parties of the time, despite the fact that there was significant bloodshed in both Scotland and Ireland.

Professor Vallance explains that the facts weren't challenged until the development of Marxist thinking, which questioned whether the Glorious Revolution was a revolution at all, as it did nothing for the working people and women.

Edward Vallance is a Professor of early modern British political culture, and is currently researching the subsequent impact, memory and representation of the radicalism of the English Revolution.

100% of the History research at Roehampton is rated "internationally excellent" (Research Excellence Framework 2014) and students continually score the quality of teaching highly – giving it 93% in the 2016 National Student Survey.

The episode was aired on Thursday 2nd February, and can be viewed here

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