Our department covers a broad range of subjects in the humanities: history, classics, philosophy, theology and religious studies. It has strong links with The National Archives, particularly through the 17th-century Hearth Tax Project, and numerous Christian churches and Islamic organisations. See our Research Seminar schedule for this term.

Credits: Carolyn Hall YoungResearch Projects

This is a list of some of the research projects undertaken by our research staff:


Each year, our department holds a Research Day (see programme for 30 June 2016) involving staff and students across a range of research topics as well as an external speaker (see the programme of our 2015 Research Day). We have a Humanities Research Seminar series as well as research events organised by the various centres and group (see below and navigate to each centre or group events pages).


Doctoral Research and Scholarships

The Department of Humanities offers PhD supervision across its programmes (Classical Civilisation, History, Philosophy and Theology and Religious Studies - including Ministerial Theology) and through its specialised research clusters (Medical Humanities, Gender and Sexuality, Crime and Violence). 

Currently PhD projects include work on 'Animal metaphors and the depiction of female avengers in Attic tragedy'; 'The Problem of Collective Desire in Contemporary Political Theory'; 'Critique of ideologies of political violence: Colombia 1957-61' and 'An ecclesiological analysis of the history of official Roman Catholic teaching on male homosexuality from 1959 to the present day'. See the list of our current Research Students.

Every year AHRC Studentships are available through the TECHNE Doctoral Training Partnership. Each scholarship includes maintenance and fees for three years for a full-time student, or for five years for a part-time student. The TECHNE training programme is enhanced by input and placement opportunities provided by 13 partner organisations, including the Museum of London, the Barbican, the Natural History Museum, the British Film Institute, the Victoria & Albert Museum. See information about subjects and possible supervisors (PDF) in the department. The call for September 2017 entry is now open. The deadline for applications is the 29th of January 2017. Firm expressions of interest should be received by 1 December 2016.

For more information on applying for MPhil/PhD study at Roehampton please see the Graduate School website. Please contact the Research Degrees Coordinator if you have further queries and see our research expertise and research centre pages for further details of PhD opportunities.

Research into Teaching and Learning

Campus Project

Using the University Campus as a Learning Resource in the Humanities

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) has awarded the Department of Humanities a Teaching Development Grant for 'Using the University Campus as a Learning Resource in the Humanities'. Funding has enabled staff and students from the Classical Civilisation and History programmes to create 'The Roehampton Campus Project' - a second-year undergraduate project-based module that investigates new forms of learning, teaching and presenting research. Browse the project database of the history and heritage of the Roehampton campus.

Centre for Hearth Tax Research

Conducts research on the Hearth Tax in Restoration England, publishes research data, organises conferences & workshops and maintains a range of partnerships.

Religion, Society and Human Flourishing

Promotes academic excellence through scholarly collaboration in the study of the Catholic tradition and fosters dialogue between the University and the wider Catholic community.

The Roehampton Campus Project

Investigating new forms of learning, teaching and presenting research by exploring the various associations between the campus and the University.

Renaissance and Classical Studies

Aiming to enhance Roehampton's international reputation for excellence in Renaissance Studies, including Classics, Drama, English, History and Art History.

Research Group in Sex, Gender and Sexuality

SeGS brings together scholars and postgraduate students from across the University doing interdisciplinary research in the areas of sex, gender and sexuality.

Research Group in Ministerial Theology

The purpose of this Research Group is to provide a supportive environment that fosters high quality research into all aspects of Christian Ministry.

Research Group in Medical Humanities

Multi and interdisciplinary approaches around histories, experiences, narratives and representations of health, emotions, selfhood, wellbeing, body and illness