Doctoral culture

We have been successful in growing a strong and vibrant doctoral community that is well integrated within our research cultures. We support the development of our doctoral students through extensive collaboration and co-authored publications, career mentoring, dedicated training, and professional networking opportunities. The success of our doctoral training is particularly evidenced by the career trajectories of our recent PhD graduates who have secured positions in both industry and academia quickly after completing their degree.

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Mariacristina Ciccioli

The goal of Mariacristina’s PhD project was to understand the molecular mechanisms by which immune cells integrate signals from their environment, leading to their activation and recruitment to site of inflammation. The ultimate aim of this work was to improve personalized treatments for inflammation-related diseases. Mariacristina is now Group Leader (Cell Biology and Imaging) at ANGLE plc.

Amy Sibley

Amy’s doctoral research explored quadriceps strength asymmetry in transtibial amputees and able-bodied. This work will help to inform the development of intervention programmes to target strength asymmetry in those with transtibial amputations, and to combat the degenerative changes present in muscle as a by-product of long-term disuse. Amy is now a Lecturer in Sport Rehabilitation at London South Bank University.

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