Through strategic partnerships, consultation and collaboration with a range of potential end users, our research has informed the revision of ecological policies and conservation practices in the UK and overseas while also contributing to informing the public discourse and knowledge on these issues.

Change in professional practice
Based on Anne Robertson and Daniel Perkins’ research into hyporheic zone functioning and restoration, the Environment Agency and South East Rivers Trust have altered their practices to incorporate the hyporheic zone into their ecosystem monitoring and management.

Robertson et A.L; Perkins, D.M; England, J; Johns,T. Invertebrate Responses to Restoration across Benthic and Hyporheic Stream Compartments. Water 2021, 13, 996.

Research developed by Anne Robertson on groundwater ecosystems has led to their incorporation into ecosystem assessment frameworks for the UK and EU via new guidance. Robertson’s research has also underpinned her subsequent recommendations to the Environment Agency for inclusion of groundwater ecosystems into the groundwater monitoring network in England.