A lifetime ambition: Barcoding UK Collembola

Dr Peter Shaw describes the background to, and early stages of a long-term project to answer an apparently simple question: “What species of Collembola occur in Britain?” by using molecular barcodes.

Posted: 24 February 2014

image for news story A lifetime ambition: Barcoding UK Collembola
Parisotoma notabilis

In his latest blog blog post, it is not so much of a write-up of work done so much as it is a wish list of work to do!

Dr Shaw explains:

At the moment, we have three separate programmes collecting these springtail barcodes. One focuses specifically on just two genera (Entomobrya and Lepidocyrtus) overseen by Brent Emerson of UEA + la Laguna Tenerife. A second forms part of PhD work by Stephanie Bird – co-funded by the Royal Horticultural Society. The third programme is more ad-hoc, overseen by Carly Benefer (Plymouth) and it is this third programme that forms the basis of this blog. We should also add mention of some work by Jonathan Ellis of Manchester Metropolitan University, who (with MSc students) has been barcoding inter-tidal Anuridas.

Read the full blog here

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