British Nutrition Foundation winner talks royalty and webinars

Nutrition and Health graduate Laura Rockett has presented a webinar to nutritionists and students after the British Nutrition Foundation approached her.

Posted: 18 February 2014

image for news story British Nutrition Foundation winner talks royalty and webinars
Laura meeting HRH Princess Anne
Laura was one of two winners to gain the BFN Drummond Communication prize for nutrition graduates last November and was presented by HRH Princess Anne. Laura also received a cheque £250 for contribution towards professional development, e.g. books, training, events.

The BNF Drummond Nutrition Science Communication Awards celebrate and reward excellence in the promotion of nutrition science to different audiences.

Her report investigated the availability and labelling of gluten-free meals in independently owned and chain restaurants. The study was the first of its kind and found that only 30% of restaurants in the city of St Albans in Hertfordshire provided meals labelled 'gluten free'. The research highlighted the need for labelling of all major food allergens on menus, as well as allergen training for restaurant staff.

On speaking about her experience, Laura said: “After working really hard on my dissertation throughout my third year studying BSc Nutrition & Health, it was a huge compliment to find out that the British Nutrition Foundation had decided to award my research with the Drummond Nutrition Science Communication Award.

“I could not have done it without the support of my tutors Yvonne Jeanes and Sue Reeves, who spent hours advising me on numerous drafts of the research.

“A brilliant reward for all my hard work was being presented the award by HRH Princess Royal! I had never met royalty before and it was such an honour. Since then, I have presented a webinar for the BNF on my research, which was an exciting experience.

“Thanks to my degree from Roehampton being accredited by the Association for Nutrition, I was able to join the workplace soon after graduating, and I absolutely love my job as a Nutritionist for Tesco.”

The webinar was recorded 29 January 2014 and can be viewed here:

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