Congratulations to Life Sciences graduates

Awards and honours were presented to Life Sciences students during this year's graduation ceremonies, which for the first time ever were held at the Royal Festival Hall on London's South Bank.

Posted: 25 July 2014

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Graduation is the highlight of the academic calendar. It is a key milestone for final year students, and a time for academics, who have taught them, and their families and to say, “Well done”.

It is also an opportunity to celebrate the additional accomplishments of students who, for example, demonstrated excellence through research in their dissertations; greatly improved their grades; achieved success despite adverse circumstances; or were an active part of the wider Life Sciences community.

Head of Department, Dr Caroline Ross said: “We are all very proud of our students’ accomplishments and wish them well for the future. This year we particularly offer our congratulations to some outstanding students who have been awarded prizes for their academic performance and their contribution to the department.”

At graduation, prizes were awarded to:
• Liisa Kaakinen (Department prize for Academic Achievement Nutrition and Health)
• Alex Philipp (Department prize for Academic Achievement Sport Science)
• Jade Moore (Department prize for Academic Achievement Anthropology)
• Tammany Cavanagh (Department prize for Academic Achievement Anthropology)
• Riki Dingwall (Departmental prize for Academic Achievement Biosciences)
• Charlee Piggott (Student prize for achievement) (Nutrition and Health)

Recipients of the Department Contribution Prize were:
• Patrick Van Der Kwast (Prize for Department Contribution (Life Sciences) Sport)
• Riki Dingwall (Prize for Department Contribution (Life Sciences) Biosciences)
• Karendeep Sidhu (Prize for Department Contribution (Life Sciences) Anthropology)
• Henriette Saevil (Prize for Department Contribution (Life Sciences) Health Sciences)
External awards were given to:
• Andrew Iga gained the Sweatshop award for highest achievement in an Undergraduate Sport Science dissertation. He received sports kit worth £250.
• Riki Dingwall received the Institute of Biomedical Science Award for achieving academic distinction. He received the President's Prize of £100 plus a certificate.

At the end of term, the department also awarded prizes to first and second year students.

First year winners were:
• Abigail Browning (Anthropology prize)
• Alexander Parr (Anthropology prize)
• Chihiro Calvin (Sport Science prize)
• Francesca Cappozzo (Nutrition and Health prize)
• Kaisheri Guthrie-Fenty (Biosciences prize)

Second year winners were:
• Sophie Karlsson (Anthropology prize)
• Alice Kirby (Biosciences prize)
• Helena Bates(Nutrition and Health prize)
• Kelly-Anne Clifford (Sport Science prize)


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