Nutrition student in Jamie Oliver’s project to improve children’s food education

Educating children about healthy food has become a government priority, demonstrated by the introduction of cookery lessons as a compulsory part of the school curriculum in 2014.

Posted: 12 May 2015

image for news story Nutrition student in Jamie Oliver’s project to improve children’s food education
Alix Rech, final year BSc Nutrition and Health student.

In Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project, a Roehampton student recently investigated the difference between children who had received food education and those that hadn't. Student Alix Rech interviewed 102 pupils from two primary schools in London, to compare a class of pupils who had received Jamie Oliver’s training on food, with another class where pupils did not receive any food training. She found significant differences in children’s attitudes towards eating healthy foods.

Rech, who is a final year BSc Nutrition and Health student at the University of Roehampton said: “It was clear that pupils who had been given the training had greater knowledge of healthy eating and enjoyed eating healthy foods. Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project gives primary school teachers valuable guidance to empower their pupils to live a healthy life with simple and easy recipes.”

Jamie Oliver's Kitchen Garden Project works with primary school teachers to integrate growing and cooking into the school day. Rech had the chance to work on this project as part of her dissertation, which focused on the benefits of children receiving food education and identifying the most effective training programmes for doing this. Two years ago, she supported Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day by organising a food tasting on campus to promote healthy eating.

Following the success of her dissertation project, Rech will be looking to further her studies at postgraduate level. In regards to her undergraduate course she said: “The course at Roehampton was not just academic, it was personally life-changing. It makes you an independent thinker and critical about the information we are fed. It’s prepared me as a researcher for future work.”

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Alix Rech for Food Revolution Day

Alix Rech supporting Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day in 2013 with a food stand at Froebel College.

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