Roehampton nutrition expert consulted for thought-provoking performance that uses eggs

An innovative performance La Poème shows the performer sliding egg-yolks on her flesh to depict the fragility of life and the inevitability of death.

Posted: 24 December 2014

image for news story Roehampton nutrition expert consulted for thought-provoking performance that uses eggs
The unique piece is performed by Jeanne Mordoj, who is described as a contortionist, ventriloquist and manipulator of objects and much of her work focusses on eggs. As part of her exploration into the properties of Eggs to enhance her performance, she met with our nutrition science expert Sue Reeves. Sue advised Jeanne on the nutritional aspects of eggs to help inform her research, which helped Jeanne work towards her final performance of La Poème.

You can find out more about artist Jeanne Mordoj and her contemporary performance La Poème at: http://cryingoutloud.org/artists/jeanne-mordoj-2/

Sue's expert advice for performer Jeanne has influenced her thinking for the next phase of La Poème, which will be premiered in 2016.

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