The Department of Life Sciences hosts cutting-edge health sciences conference

The Department of Life Sciences hosted a cutting-edge conference presenting the latest research projects that are impacting the field of health sciences today. The conference was entitled Current and Future Impact of Health Sciences Research at Roehampton.

Posted: 29 June 2017

Academics, practitioners and students from Roehampton’s Health Sciences Research Centre who presented at the conference included:

  • Dr Volker Behrends, Dr Michal Letek and Natalia Bravo- on new strategies for fighting drug-resistant bacteria,
  • Dr Adele Costabile- on testing the effects of gluten friendly bread in people with coeliac disease,
  • Dr Yvonne Jeanes- on the dietary management of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS),
  • Dr Giulia Corona- on Polyphenols for the maintenance of healthy cardiovascular function,
  • Dr Sue Reeves, Dr Leigh Gibson, Professor Cecilia Essau- on a new obesity prevention initiative funded by the MRC, known as ToyBox Malaysia
  • Dr Astrid Hauge- Evans- how cell communication might help insulin production to prevent or treat diabetes,
  • Dr Yolanda Calle-Patino- on adhesion and migration in the tumour microenvironment for cancer,
  • Dr Robert Busch- on prevention and treatment of autoimmune diseases,
  • Professor Jolanta Opacka-Juffry- on the impact of research on addictive potential of novel psychoactive substances,
  • Dr Michelle Sahai- on insights into the interactions between psychoactive substances and their biological targets.

Professor Jolanta Opacka Juffry said “The conference showcased excellent scholarship in the health sciences research field. I would like to thank our sponsors, Miltenyi, SLS, Bio-Techne and Sarstedt, and our colleagues and students. We are proud to have hosted such a well-attended and important event for the Department of Life Sciences.”

The Department of Life Sciences offers a range of outstanding undergraduate degrees in the health sciences including a BSc in Biomedical Science and a BSc in Nutrition and Health. They also offer a number of health-related postgraduate degrees, including MSc Clinical Neuroscience and two new research-focussed MRes programmes in Cell Biomedicine and Nutrition and Metabolic Disorders.

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