University of Roehampton and LimbPower launch new initiative

The University of Roehampton and the charity, LimbPower hosted the first advanced rehab clinic yesterday [3 April].

Posted: 4 April 2014

image for news story University of Roehampton and LimbPower launch new initiative
Dr Siobhan Strike and participants at the workshop.
The clinic aimed to help primary amputees build confidence, strength, stability and empower them in the early stages of their lives as amputees.

The holistic workshop was designed to bridge the current gap that exists between the rehab offered by the NHS, and the ability to participate in sports, fitness and lifestyle activities.
The University’s Dr Siobhan Strike, Principal Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics in the Department of Life Sciences led the initiative in conjunction with Kiera Roche, from LimbPower.

The University and the charity have previously collaborated on developing exercises to prepare amputees for the increased demands of physical activity and have published articles and a DVD.

Twenty-five participants attended the workshop, held at the University’s Whitelands Campus. The day was a mix of educational and practical training sessions focusing on core stability, proprioception of the artificial limb, gait training exercises, embracing positive feelings and suppressing negative thoughts, and general health and fitness.

Dr Strike said: “The course encouraged new amputees to take control of their own rehabilitation and wellbeing and equip them to take part in any sport or activity they choose.

“We collected research data and plan to publish a booklet, which can be distributed to new amputees.

“We will be building on this work at the Amputee Games, organised by LimbPower, in May.”

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