Game Localisation Curator and Host

Dr. Miguel Á. Bernal-Merino will be the curator and host of the “Game Localization Round Table” (GLRT), a dedicated professional forum for video game developers, publishers and localisers part of the Localization World (LW) conference series (www.localizationworld.com). 

Posted: 5 May 2014

image for news story Game Localisation Curator and Host
“Game Localization Round Table” (GLRT)

As the main meeting point for translators, language service agencies, software tool developers, global marketing strategies, and researchers in each of these areas, LW is the most important international event of the software localisation industry.

Dr. Bernal-Merino leads the GLRT advisory board which counts with the support of top companies in the industry such as Sony Computer Entertainment and Electronic Arts. Participants in this round table include industry giants such as Ubisoft, PlayStation, Microsoft Game Studios, EA, Square Enix, Zynga, CodeMasters, etc.

Dr. Bernal-Merino, from the Department of Media, Culture and Language at Roehampton, has been a leading figure in this area of Translation Studies, and his constant involvement in industry events further attest and consolidate the value of his contribution to current best practices in the translation and localisation of video games, not only as a linguistic and translational process, but also as a creative production one essential in today’s global economy.

The GLRT will be held in Dublin on Wednesday 4 June 2014.

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