Independent newspaper editor Amol Rajan explains how to become a reporter

The editor of The Independent newspaper, Amol Rajan, has told Roehampton students the best way for journalism graduates to get a job in the industry is to ‘go digital’ and start publishing news stories, on blogs and social media.

Posted: 18 May 2015

image for news story Independent newspaper editor Amol Rajan explains how to become a reporter
Independent newspaper editor Amol Rajan advised Roehampton students about journalism careers during a visit to the University this week

Mr Rajan, editor of the newspaper since 2013, said graduates and final year students should not be ‘downbeat’ about the changes taking place in the industry as it deals with the growth of online. His comments came in advance of a speech during a a student conference at the University.

He said: “Don’t be downbeat, there are loads of jobs going, they are different from years ago, but I would say to people to be optimistic."

Advice from Amol Rajan on how to get a job in journalism:

  • Use the power of the internet to establish yourself as a journalist long before you try to get a job.
  • Set up a blog, tweet, post on facebook and spread your journalism to try to become a digital journalist, someone who breaks and makes stories.
  • Offer really trenchant and punchy opinions and insightful analysis, and then promote it on social media. 
  • When you are approaching people for a job, a blog shows editors what you have been doing. Editors used to ask to see a collection of newspaper cuttings, now they can see you have a blog and 1,000 followers on twitter and are causing a real impact.
  • Do everything you can to get inside institutions and get lots of work experience. Get to know people and in the nicest possible way ask them what you can do to help.
  • Jobs do come up and if you make yourself irresistible, you will get that job.

Listen to Amol Rajan explain how he decides what appears on the front page of the Independent newspaper:

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