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Dr Mark Jary is working on a £100,000 project investigating a revolutionary emerging theory on how language works.

Dr Jary’s work, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, will be the first piece of research to thoroughly explore the idea of what a speaker explicitly says and what they otherwise conveyed, or implied. It will also explore why the distinction between explicitly saying something, and conveying an alternative meaning is crucial to our everyday communications.

Professor Michael Chanan created Money Puzzles, a documentary focussed on finance, debt and alternative economics, which has been screened internationally.

Filmed in the UK, Greece, Spain and Argentina, it highlighted the effects of austerity and the neoliberal agenda of finance capitalism and how grassroots groups are presenting an alternative form of social economics.

Michael Witt, Professor of Cinema, curated a major retrospective of the work of Jean-Luc Godard at the world-famous BFI Southbank.

The season involved a complete retrospective of the internationally-renowned director’s approximately 160 works, spanning six decades.

Dr Stacey Abbott has produced research exploring the roles of the vampire and zombie within popular culture. Her most recent book, Undead Apocalypse, investigated the roles of the fictional creations in well-known films and tv shows including the Walking Dead and 28 Days Later.

Dr Abbott is an expert in gothic and horror genres in film and television and a member of the British Film Institute. Between 2014 and 2016 she was President of the Whedon Studies Association, which studies the work of The Avengers director and Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon

Dr Sabela Melchor-Couto is part of a €450,000 European Commission-funded project to support and expand the use of technology in language teaching across Europe.

Building upon Roehampton’s expertise in interactive language learning and education, Dr Melchor-Couto is conducting research into the positive effects that telecollaboration can have for teachers and pupils, as they use the technology more in their classrooms.

Dr Miguel Á. Bernal Merino is an expert in computer game localisation and media translation. His most recent work includes Media Across Borders, a detailed study of international franchising, film remakes, tv format adaptation and video game translation and localisation.

The book examines media contentn that is adapted across different countries and cultures, from making Sherlock Holmes in Japan and Big Brother in Africa, to adapting Final Fantasy and Assassins’ Creed for Spanish audiences.