Research Students' Projects

Khalid Alothman

Year of study: 3 or more
Thesis provisional title: Investigating the learning of the academic words of advanced students receiving different methods of teaching
Supervisor: Barry O'Sullivan
Email: alothmak@roehampton.ac.uk


Brian Chama

Year of study: Year 3 or more
Thesis provisional title: Press Freedom in Zambia: A study of The Post newspaper and professional practice in political context
Supervisors: Anita Biressi, Heather Nunn
Research interests: Media and politics, tabloid journalism, media and development, media and law, and media and human rights.
Email: chamab@roehampton.ac.uk


Wickham Clayton

Year of study: Year 3 or more
Thesis provisional title: Through the Eyes of a Hockey Mask: Aesthetics, Perspective, and the Friday the 13th Films
Supervisors: Stacey Abbott, Paul Sutton, Michael Chanan
Research interests: Film Aesthetics, Film Genre, Textual Analysis
Email: claytong@roehampton.ac.uk
Web: http://roehampton.academia.edu/WickhamClayton


César Gómez Gallego

Year of study: Year 1
Documentary photography in contemporary Spain
Supervisors: Isabel Santaolalla, Mark Riley
Research Interests: contemporary Spanish visual culture, Hispanic documentary photography, cultural identity, creative approaches to language teaching
Email: gomezgac@roehampton.ac.uk


Holly Giesman

Year of study: Year 3 or more
Thesis provisional title: Encounters in authenticity: documentary film and the 'authentic' restaurant
Supervisors: Michael Chanan, Garry Marvin, Enrica Colusso
Research interests: Documentary and authenticity, cross-cultural documentary, creative practice as research, visual anthropology, the anthropology of food, tourism studies.
Email: holly.giesman@roehampton.ac.uk
Web: http://roehampton.academia.edu/HollyGiesman


Nilou Marie Hawthorne

Year of study: Year 2
Thesis provisional title: The discourses of "information" in Higher Education
Supervisors: Annabelle Mooney, Suzy Harris
Research interests: Library and information science, Socio-linguistics, Critical Discourse Studies, Structural linguistics, Social theory and cultural theory, Sociology and philosophy of Education, Sociology and philosophy of Information.
Email: hawthorn11@roehampton.ac.uk


Claudio Nazareno

Year of study: Year 3 or more
Thesis provisional title: Regulation and the promotion of national audiovisual content in the era of digital convergence: a comparative analysis of the United Kingdom, France and Brazil
Supervisors: Andrea Esser, Paul Rixon
Research interests: Media policy, television and audiovisual industries.
Email: nazarenc@roehampton.ac.uk
Web: http://roehampton.academia.edu/ClaudioNazareno


Shane O'Sullivan

Year of study: Year 1

Thesis provisional title: Enemies of the State: Framing Political Subversives in Documentary Film
Supervisors: Michael Chanan, Enrica Colusso
Email: osullivs@roehampton.ac.uk


Linda Speidel

Year of study: Completed
Thesis provisional title: Surveilling The Wire: Interrogating the US Television Crime Drama
Supervisors: Stacey Abbott, Deborah Jermyn, Paul Rixon
Research interests: US Television Crime Drama of the 1990s and 2000s; Televisual Representations of the City.


Theodora Thomadakis

Year of study: Year 3 or more
Thesis provisional title: On the Couch with Makoever TV: Psychoanalytic approaches to reality television,gender and audience
Supervisors: Caroline Bainbridge, Heather Nunn
Research interests: The application of Winnicott's "object relations theory psychoanalysis" in reality makeover programmes; the emotional impact on makeover shows for the female participants who take part such programmes and the audience on the couch; Feminism; Cultural Studies (Contemporary culture); Notions of Therapy/Therapeutic culture; Emotionalism; Notions of Selfhood; Consumerism/Consumption; Use of Narratives in makeover programmes; Audience responses (Forums and cyber space).
Email: thomadt@roehampton.ac.uk
Web: http://roehampton.academia.edu/TheodoraThomadakis