Welcome to the School of Psychology 

On behalf of everyone in the School I would like to warmly welcome you to Roehampton. Psychology is a fascinating subject that encompasses a variety of disciplines and applications, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to make a meaningful difference to individuals, groups, organisations and communities. It is your engagement with the learning and your enthusiasm for this new journey that you are embarking on, combined with the support from your tutors and the knowledge and experience they will share with you, that can make all of your aspirations come true. 

We are delighted to be with you on this transformative journey of realising your dreams. From your first day at university all the way to graduation and then your first day at work, you will be a member of the Roehampton family and you will have us with you, supporting you all the way. 

The School of Psychology offers a dynamic, diverse community with broad expertise across disciplines and pathways. From experimental and cognitive sciences, to forensic psychology, psychological therapies, counselling and art and play psychotherapies. You will learn through participatory, experiential engagement with your studies in large and small groups, at placement, in the community and independently and you will have opportunities to gain work experience at various settings. You will acquire the knowledge and skills to critically reflect on ideas and theories, analyse data, synthesise arguments creatively and apply your skills in practice, evaluating the outcome and its impact. Our aspiration is to support you reach your goals and become an active citizen. 

I wish to personally welcome you to our community and invite you to join everyone in what I hope will be a fun, transformative learning experience. 

Dr Yannis Fronimos 

Dean of School