Roehampton students lead the way in new films

The University of Roehampton has today unveiled a new series of videos providing a glimpse into undergraduate life.

Posted: 22 April 2014

image for news story Roehampton students lead the way in new films
Stills from the new Lead the Way films.

Each video in the Lead The Way series followed students from across Roehampton's ten academic departments. Shooting them in slow motion, the film agency (Spectrecom) used smart filming techniques and creative editing to create a distinctive montage of images filmed across the University's campus.

Emotive and insightful nuggets of voiceover from the students were used to propel the narrative, which links the visuals; namely; the nuanced story of the students own positive experience at Roehampton.

Director of Communications, Liam Hurley explained:

"Our students know the University best, so we thought who better than them to tell their stories and show how we help them to grow as individuals and reach their full potential.

"These videos provide a real sense of what being at Roehampton means to our students and their aspirations for the future, which I hope will inspire others to join us."

To watch the videos in full visit the links below:

Roehampton Business School: http://youtu.be/_Nwqul26Y7g
Department of Dance: http://youtu.be/ltGBm6TtUQc
Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance: http://youtu.be/iW1a3F3RGiQ
School of Education: http://youtu.be/Xv-WPLRE95U
Department of English and Creative Writing: http://youtu.be/G95-OY4uv8o
Department of Humanities: http://youtu.be/3DUVn70e1F8
Department of Life Sciences: http://youtu.be/He2rJNUIQRw
Department of Media, Culture and Language: http://youtu.be/fqFKcVBdQsw
Department of Psychology: http://youtu.be/Xi4s1OE39Bs
Department of Social Sciences: http://youtu.be/QNLAREtJLjw

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