Roehampton graduate Emely’s pride at ICA exhibition place

Roehampton drama graduate Emely Neu will soon join a prestigious group of artists including Damien Hirst and David Hockney, after being selected to join the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition.

Posted: 5 August 2014

image for news story Roehampton graduate Emely’s pride at ICA exhibition place
Emely Neu will perform a three way conversation for her Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition

Miss Neu’s work, entitled ‘With Choir’, will be shown at the world renowned Institute of Contemporary Arts in The Mall, London, from November to January. Before that it will appear at the World Museum in Liverpool from 20 September – 26 October.

Miss Neu, 26, completed a Master’s in Performance and Creative Research in 2013 and now works as an artist, writer and lecturer. She has just found out she is one of only 55 people selected by judges for the exhibition, out of 1,400 who applied. Previous artists at the exhibition have included both Mr Hirst and Mr Hockey.

Described as a ‘performative interview’ Miss Neu, also a qualified journalist, will present the skill of interviewing as an art form through a three-way conversation.

Miss Neu said: “For a performative interview piece to be entering a gallery context is very interesting. I’m honoured I’ve been chosen and grateful for the platform and support network. Especially just after finishing my MRes qualification, it is great to see how my work resonates with people outside of the university walls.

She added: “I enjoyed a sense of freedom about studying at Roehampton, to be able to fit the course to my needs and projects was very helpful. The mixture of artists and lecturers was very diverse and interesting, and opened my eyes and mind in a lot of different ways. It was challenging but very rewarding.”

Deputy Provost Professor Ann MacLarnon, who is responsible for the University’s Graduate School, said: “Emely’s early success is prime proof of what a Roehampton degree can help achieve. Her work has shown the results of understanding and adapting different styles of performance to meet the judges’ expectations and I’m sure she will make the most of this high profile start to her career.”

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