Students give University a first in key nationwide survey

Roehampton’s students have given the University a resounding show of support and graded it ‘first class’ in the National Student Survey, with overall the best ever results being recorded this year.

Posted: 12 August 2014

image for news story Students give University a first in key nationwide survey
Roehampton students have scored the University highly in the annual National Student Survey

Final year students across the country are asked to complete the Ipsos Mori survey for their university annually. This year 1,485 students at Roehampton gave their opinions and the results show 86 per cent were satisfied overall with their experience. This is the University’s highest score and is seven per cent better than five years ago.

The survey was divided into six areas and for the third year in a row students gave Roehampton the equivalent of a first class degree result (70 per cent or more) in each of the headline categories. These covered the teaching on courses, assessment and feedback, academic support, organisation and management, personal development and overall satisfaction.

Specific successes included:
•Every single respondent on the Anthropology course last year said they were satisfied with their course.
•Overall, 81 per cent of final year students across the University said their course had made them a confident person.
•Across the University, the standard of teaching was found to be strong with 87 per cent saying they were satisfied with their experiences. Ninety-two per cent of students said staff were good at explaining, and 84 per cent said their lessons were interesting.

Professor Lynn Dobbs, the University of Roehampton’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor said: “We are obviously pleased our students see the University in such a positive light, and we know that what they learn here will establish them as confident, highly employable graduates.

“We have received a very impressive set of figures and credit should go to the outstanding academics who manage our programmes and teach our students and to staff in academic service departments who work hard to make a qualitiative difference to the overall experience of students at Roehampton.

“That said, going forward we intend to make further improvements to strengthen what we offer students. Building a landmark purpose-built library, new on-campus student accommodation, always evolving the content of our degrees and ensuring our teaching continues to be thought provoking, thorough and interesting will improve students’ experiences even further.”

Roehampton Students’ Union Vice-President of Welfare Rachael Blaney said: “It’s clear the majority of students genuinely do enjoy their time here and found great teachers on their courses. The University’s commitment to keeping us all involved and informed at all levels makes people feel really valued.

“It’s also pleasing to see the rise in overall satisfaction with the Students’ Union, rising from 72 per cent to 75 per cent in the last year. I’m glad the results are so good and I hope they encourage sixth formers to apply to Roehampton next year.”

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