Artist as Nomad at Asia House

A creative and conceptual dance performance will be presented at the prestigious Asia House in central London later this month, when a University of Roehampton team takes to the stage.

Posted: 11 July 2014

image for news story Artist as Nomad at Asia House
Audiences visiting Artist as Nomad at Asia House will experience a creative and conceptual performance

Choreographer Christopher Matthews has worked for a year with award winning researcher Dr Sara Houston, from University of Roehampton’s Department of Dance, to consider themes on nomadism such as the nature of mobility, cultural cartography, creative citizenship and what to pack when making work on the road!

The culmination of the project will see Christopher and Roehampton colleague Amaara Raheem appear at Asia House from 14-18 July, firstly though a video installation, followed by live shows towards the end of the week.

Christopher said: “We’re so excited to be performing at Asia House, it’s a beautiful, historical venue, and we’re planning to bring something unusual to regular audiences there. Our performances will be towards the experimental end of dance making, and based on themes important to all dance artists working independently on the fringes of creative or cultural life.”

Christopher’s performance is a dialogue between himself and writer, Huw Lemmey which mimics the procedure for an immigration interview. Guests are welcome to enter and leave the ‘immigration room’ at any point during the interview. Amaara, who graduated from the University with a Master’s degree in Dance, and now works for the institution, will present HESTIA, a solo dance performance - a journey for the audience’s imagination and memory to various places and times, evoked by movement, with an original composed sound score.

She said: “In HESTIA, I approach cities, spaces, bodies and memories with fresh eyes and ears. I am interested in mine and others’ journeys as a resource, not necessarily to tell a singular story, but to tell a wider narrative which reveals the extent to which our bodies already contains a wider narrative.”

Artist as Nomad is the first event in what is hoped will be a new partnership between Roehampton Dance, and Asia House, which has a history of supporting high quality creative arts. Artist as Nomad is supported by CreativeWorks London which awarded Christopher a grant, making it possible for him to work with the University.

The opening night, Monday 15 July, will see Christopher and Amaara show a joint video installation, which will then run throughout the week, and Dr Houston will speak on the aesthetics and politics of the Artist as Nomad project. Christopher and Amaara will present their new live performances on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 July.

Tickets for events are limited, and booking is essential. For details, visit the Asia House website.

The Artist as Nomad project is sponsored by CreativeWorks London.


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